Chemical Bulletin is an Associate Concern of Jaangda Agencies Established In 1979. Working basically for all sorts of chemical trade as Indenters from Worldwide shippers of conventional and non-conventional markets, currently active in Pakistan market.


The anchorman Mr. Siddik S. Jaangda of this website is a well experienced Indenters. Concentrating basically on chemical related items specialized in Paraffin Wax/Micrycrystalline wax and Sodium Picramate from China/India. Besides well known among Pakistani Importers for more than five decades.


As www.chemicalbulletin.com is a website being managed by Jaangda Agencies who are actively engaged in all sorts of chemical trade as indentors. Mode of our working is that we work mainly in chemical trade and obtain exceptionally workable prices from our established Principals due to our sheer hard work and full concentration, consequently we get workable prices from our Principals just to support our efforts. In addition to these, we work on nominal rate of commission and over and above we assist our customers if they are commercial importers in marketing their imported merchandise aggressively through our dynamic international commercial web portal viz www.chemicalbulletin.com without disturbing market by adopting highest degree of business acumen. So when you are in market for any chemical item then give us an opportunity to verify this statement.

In fact a practical dealing will convince you that this statement is not even a bit exaggeration. Inspite of so much to offer, can you afford to miss this rare opportunity. In fact we are sanguine that this will pave the way for a long lasting relations with your goodselves. With best regards SIDDIK S. JAANGDA/CEO Jaangda Agencies and www.chemicalbulletin.com

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